Alliance has nine-member staff, additional  volunteers and consultants.
The key areas of intervention are basic literacy and education, economic empowerment and development, water and sanitation, disease prevention and treatment.

There are 7 key areas of focus:

1 - Education and literacy with the Child Sponsorship. Program running for over 18 years and where over 800 children have benefited from the program.

2 - Career Readiness Program  a team of career guidance experts provide guidance and counseling to over 4,500 children.

3 - Improving Health Care Services: Hospital “Theresa Ayiko International Hosptial”  funded by the local community and funding from donors and AAA providing a 200 bed hospital providing  medical services to a population of 100,000.

4 - Economic development and empowerment: provides easy access to formal financial Institutions and services through its Table of Banking Groups. AAA offers revolving credit, training and business management skills. Presently AAA supports 16 village saving groups and 32 groups have already benefited.

5 - Paper Bead Makers: AAA supports paper bead makers by providing them with materials, training, and marketing their products. The program is a source of livelihood to over 20 people.

6 - Boost clean water and sanitation: AAA has drilled 4 community boreholes (deep wells) in Atiak to provide access to safe drinking water.

7 - Disease Prevention: Awareness campaign and supporta s with Covid-19.